Get in Trouble!

In Washington DC, in May 2015, Rep. John Lewis taught us, a group of Freedom Writer Teachers, to ‘get in trouble’, just as he had been doing for his whole life – participating and organizing the Civil Rights Movement, the Freedom Schools, the Freedom Riders and speaking from the Lincoln Memorial against the wrong of discrimination and segregation along with Dr. Martin Luther King that summer’s day in 1963.

“Get in trouble!” is an anthology of stories about standing up for one’s students, told and written by Freedom Writer Teachers from all around the world – all of them using the Freedom Writers methods and exercises: Stories from teaching Maoris of New Zealand to Inuits of Greenland, from teaching average kids in the schools of your neighborhood to youngsters in juvenile halls, from the love of teaching to the fights against standardized curricula. There are lots of ways and places ‘to get in trouble’ for the noble case of educating the next generation!